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NOLA: No Man's Land

New Orleans (NOLA), one of the oldest and most unique cities in the United States, a city certainly not without its own share of grief, hardship, and darkness--but a city that deals with those things in its own special way. "Joie de vivre" (the joy of life) and "laissez les bons temps rouler" (let the good times roll!) are common sayings in the area that embody the outlook of the citizens of New Orleans. Life isn't worth living if you can't enjoy it, and despite the challenges faced by the denizens of the Big Easy, there's almost never a time that couldn't be improved by a little music, dance, or libation.

New Orleans is also set apart by the fact that it boasts an unusually high number of Minor Talents, scions, and magical phenomenon--those otherwise ordinary people who have a hint of something extra: where the local fortune teller might actually be able to see your future, or the street magician down the street is really making your watch disappear for a second, that guy dressed as Bacchus could very well be his son, and that haunted house down the street is definitely haunted. Magic and mysteries live around every corner--some left right out in the bright sunshine, others hidden for centuries in dark and moldy places.

With the recent destruction of the Red Court and the ensuing power vaccuum, life has become more difficult for the supernatural community in New Orleans. The Fomor hold the city hostage against the other Accorded Factions, forcing them to leave their claims and official presence in the city to the Fomor for fear of losing the city altogether to catastrphic flooding, or worse--for now. Many of the typical power structures and much of the status quo has been turned on its head, and the new one that's been established--still being established--lives on a rocky foundation. But for those who remain in the Big Easy, they remain undaunted: New Orleans has seen one disaster after another, and it has always survived them. It will survive this one too.

The Tone

In NOLA: No Man's Land we intend to build a game around a diverse group of PCs, a largely scrappy bunch of misfits and outsiders who have banded together to be a David to the Fomor's Goliath--as well as dealing with all the various other threats that crop up in New Orleans--in the absence of more official Faction presences. They may come from different places, backgrounds, and Factions, but at the end of the day being a New Orleanian just about trumps everything else.

For this game we are interested in a wide variety of concepts, ideally a little less combat-focused. A range of gritty to more on whimsical side will all fit here, but ultimately the rule of thumb is that any PC submitted for sanctioning should be written and executed in such a way that they could reasonably be expected to show up in an actual Dresden Files book or story. That also includes how casually one reveals their supernatural nature in public. There's a difference between PCs being a little more quick to trust other PCs (which we encourage) and someone throwing around a ball of lightning on the street because it's fun. Everyone in NOLA is a little more willing to believe in magic, even when the reality is mundane, but there's a wide leap between that and openly revealing the supernatural world in its full glory out on the streets for everyone to see. Subtlety is the name of the game.