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The Paranet

New Orleans is perhaps the largest and densest hub of scions, minor talents, and magical practitioners in the world. Loose organization was established within the city in the early 19th century--the Paranet simply connected it to the rest of the country in a more accessible way. The locals have a lot of names for it, but a sure way to signal you're an outsider is to call it the Paranet.

The White Council

The White Council and New Orleans have long had something of a strained relationship. The local magical community is large enough that it has mostly been able to protect itself over the last two centuries. Added to the tendency for locals to resent any kind of carpetbagging--including the White Council squatting on their traditions and ways of life like an ugly toad--the White Council has largely chosen to remain relatively hands-off with the city. New Orleans prefers to take care of its own: it takes a situation to get pretty bad to attract the Wardens from elsewhere in the States, especially now when they are overworked and understaffed in the wake of the Vampire War and the ensuing Fomor Incursions around the world. That said--screw around too much and the locals may not kill someone skirting or breaking the Laws, but they will definitely force the offenders to leave town, where the White Council will make it their problem.

The Church

The Fellowship of St. Giles

The Night of Bad Dreams left the Fellowship of St. Giles in tatters, reduced yet not destroyed--it exists now only in a few small cells, as they work to rebuild their organization, hunt down the last of the very few remaining Red Court Vampires left in the world, and help those Infected indivuals who had their curses lifted cope with their new mortality.

White Court of Vampires

Red Court of Vampires

Black Court of Vampires

Winter Court of Fae

Summer Court of Fae

The Wyldfae


Neither Nicodemus and his crew nor Tessa and her crew have been seen in New Orleans in quite some time. Whether they are staying away because of the Fomorian threats or simply because their plans do not involve the Big Easy is surely unknown to all but a few.


The Fomor, exiles from myth and legend, the outcasts of the gods and demons of every land bordering the sea. Defeated giants, fallen gods, dark reflections of beings of light. They are many races and none, joined together beneath the banner of the Fomor in a common cause. The Fomor present the single most pressing and singular threat to New Orleans, even though the war remains relatively "cold" for now. They have forced the major supernatural factions out of the city under threat of catastrophe.

Criminal Underworld

New Orleans has never been known as the safest city in the country. Each year it vies for the distinction of having the highest murder rate in the country, and wins the title not frequently. Even tourist areas can be dangerous at night if you're alone or in just a pair.

The Police

Unfortunately for the people of NOLA, the New Orleans Police Department doesn't have the best track record when it comes to applying "Protect and Serve" to the citizenry instead of themselves. Perhaps the mother city of the "drop gun," while the NOPD has seen some improvements over the years, it's difficult for an honest cop to stay honest in a town like New Orleans. Those who excel at policework and don't get too dirty may find themselves in the Major Crimes unit--tasked with handling particularly violent or disturbing crimes and anything too strange to be easily explained. They're a small group with a smaller budget and little suction among the rest of the force.