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• Maneuvers cast with magic are considered sticky even on a tie against the difficulty/opposition, and last until their duration expires. Magically-created maneuvers that are opposed use their original casting Power to defend. In this case, your Discipline roll is merely a bookkeeping process (like when casting a Block). There is no opportunity for a re-roll against opposition like you would get with a normally-created Maneuver.

• It is possible to "move" a target one zone with appropriate magical maneuvers (such as a blast of wind or force) if you manage to gain shifts over them on the maneuver and tag the maneuver for effect. If you would have gotten Success with Style against the defense (3 shifts or more above the defense), you may use the tag for effect to move the target 2 zones. Any zone borders between the target's current and intended location add to the shifts needed. (For example, if you wanted to throw someone through a closed door with a zone border: 2, you would need to generate at least 3 shifts over their defense to move them through the door into the next zone, and 5 shifts or more over their defense to move them a second additional zone). It is rare that an evocation spell is capable of moving a target in anything other than a straight line. Typically, throwing targets through windows/doors, down stairs or some other drop, is better modeled as an Attack accompanied with an invoke for effect to move them a zone, though allowing movement in that case is up to the GM's discretion.