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• Characters who break the Laws of Magic are not required to take the Lawbreaker power, but they still must change an aspect to reflect their Lawbreaking.

• Lawbreaking characters may take a custom Lawbreaking power found here.

• All mortals with free will (all PCs, including White Court Vampires) are subject to the metaphysical ramifications of Lawbreaking whether they are within the White Council's/Wardens' jurisdiction or not. Killing with magic (etc) changes a person whether they're an “official wizard" or not.

• PCs with Lawbreaking in their backgrounds are allowed provided they have a reason not to be currently chased by the Wardens. Active warlocks that continue to break the Laws of Magic during play will quickly find themselves hard-pressed by the Wardens and/or other PCs--this unfairly diverts play and resources, creates a lot of PvP, and is heavily frowned upon. (Note: there are grey areas of the Laws that are easier to work with in the game. If you are planning on “grey” magic, work with a GM to make sure everyone agrees on where the line is.)