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• We have written a how-to guide on Evocation if you feel confused by the book or are rusty on the subject. Part 1 focuses on the overall spellcasting process. Part 2 focuses on the specifics of calculating spell power.

• Mental spells are not allowed without Psychomancy evothaum via some appropriate Sponsored or Superior magic. The Paranet Papers/Your Story inclusion of Mental spells in the element of Spirit for evocation is not considered part of the rules for this game.

• You cannot use the Extending Evocations trapping of Evocation to extend Attack spells.

• Alternative elemental paradigms to the traditional hermetic/Western one presented in Your Story and Paranet Papers are possible; just discuss with a GM while creating the alternative elemental set.

Defensive and Reflexive Spells

• "Defensive" Block spells may be cast per the Paranet Papers 270.

• Anyone with Channeling or Evocation may use a Block spell instead of a defensive roll against an attack/maneuver, but its duration cannot be extended and the Block vanishes right after the attack it was intended to block, per the Paranet Papers additional houserule. These are called Defensive Blocks.

• You may not extend this block to cover a different person/multiple allies unless you are part of a group being targeted by one opponent/attack.

• You may take the Reflexive Evocation stunt to extend this ability further. The Reflexive Evocation stunt allows a spellcaster to sacrifice their next action to cast a "Reflexive" Block at any time when you are attacked. These Blocks stick around until your next Full Action by default, at which point you can extend them further per standard Block rules. These Blocks can also have additional duration built into them in the initial casting. This stunt only allows the "Reflexive" creation of Blocks, meaning you cannot jump ahead in combat initiative and land a Block against all actions on the Boss by encasing them in ice--you may only defend against attacks/maneuvers levied against you/your allies.