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Modified, Clarified, and Disallowed Powers

• Strength powers increase the distance you can throw objects by one zone per level of Strength you have.

• Speed powers allow a PC to move 1 zone per level of Speed when protecting an ally.

• Custom Powers can be submitted for approval via PM to a staff member or by posting it on one of your Character Threads. Custom Powers must be approved by the staff, and all custom powers are available to any player who has the narrative reason and the desire to take them. It is rare to approve new custom powers through the course of the game, and we recommend those wishing to make a custom power first seek to solve their problem with existing powers, stunts, and aspects.

• Currently approved custom powers can be found by going to the Powers database and sorting the “Is Official” column so that the powers marked “No” are at the top.

Incite Effect is a customizable power that can be used to design many different kinds of abilities; for instance, it can be used to replace Breath Weapon, Claws, Glamours, and Incite Emotion. It is very useful for many kinds of PC concepts and serves as something of a "catch-all" for custom power generation.

• You may be able to access Sponsor Debt without needing Sponsored Magic, provided you have a Sponsored Agenda.

Superior Magic powers are limited to a maximum of 1 per PC.

Some of the book Powers have been modified or have minimum Refresh requirements attached to them:

List of Modified RAW Powers

A Few Seconds Ahead (Not Allowed)
The Catch (Modified)
Demonic Co-Pilot (Modified)
Domination (Not Allowed)
Feeding Dependency (Modified/Clarified)
Greater Glamours (Not Allowed)
Holy Touch (Modified)
Inhuman Mental Toughness (See our Mental Toughness notes on the wiki.)
Lawbreaking (Modified) and see our house rules for Lawbreaking.
Modular Abilities (Modified)
Mythic Mental Toughness (Not Allowed)
Mythic Toughness (Not Allowed)
Mythic Speed (Not Allowed)
Mythic Recovery (Not Allowed
Mythic Strength (Not Allowed
Possession (Not Allowed)
Power: Spell (Not Allowed)
Sacred Guardian (The Paranet Papers version only--the Our World version is not approved)
Shapeshifting (Modified)
Soulfire (Modified)
Sponsored Magic (Costs -5 by default, discussed here)
Sponsored Magic: Hellfire (Modified)
Supernatural Mental Toughness (Not Allowed)
True Shapeshifting (Not Allowed)