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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put Refinement on an Item of Power (IoP)?

No - Allowing Refinement on IoPs is just broken.

Can make my Item of Power (IoP) into a Focus Item or Enchanted Item/Potion too?

You can attach Focus Item slots to your Item of Power, but you can't attach Enchanted Items or Potions to them. You still must pay for the Focus Item slots with your own Refresh separately from the IoP's granted abilities.

Can I use my Athletics bonus from Speed powers with Attacks?

No - Speed is an excellent power already, and allowing the bonus to apply to Attacks unbalances it.

  • Does the Finely Tuned Third Eye stunt stack with the +1 bonus from The Sight?

It partially stacks. You get a total +2 bonus, not a +3 bonus. However, having The Sight allows you to learn quite a lot more than anyone else might learn with the same value of their Lore as Alertness roll.

  • Can we have a custom tiered power set like Strength or Speed but for Skill/Martial Arts/Precision?

These powers tend to raise Weapons/Fists/Guns powers, provide stunts as part of the package, etc.

No. There are various arguments for and against such powers, but the staff simply doesn't think they're balanced and don't plan on allowing them.

  • What about Mental Recovery?

No! Spellcasting is dubiously balanced as it is; allowing Recovery of Mental Consequences would just break things.