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Site Rules and Conventions

• We follow Godwin's Law here at Dominium Fuego. (AKA, "Don't Be a Jerk!") If you do not follow it, you will receive a warning. Further infractions will result in more punitive measures, up to and including a permanent ban.

• If the Staff tell you not to do something, don't do it. If you feel you have been wronged or otherwise have a complaint, please PM an Administrator and it will be dealt with appropriately. Going behind a staff member's back is grounds for a suspension or banning from the site. We take such things very seriously.

• Please be aware of our policy regarding PvP.

• If you mess up a roll when using the dice rolling tool, such as forgetting to include modifiers or rolling the wrong skill, do not reroll. Let the GM know what you were supposed to put into the form and use the value returned by the dice with the proper skill value/modifiers to figure out your roll total.

• We ask that you keep cussing to a minimum in OOC discussion/Discord, as part of maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Cussing in character, when appropriate to the narrative and character, is fine.

• Please be conscious of the fact that we have players from all walks of life from all over the world, and that part of engendering a strong, open community is the fact that we do not offend or disparage each other. Vulgarity, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc etc is not tolerated OOC and must be carefully considered when brought up in character. Most of these topics would be considered PvP in almost all cases, and are generally not necessary to good roleplay.

• Politics and religion are also topics that are generally not to be discussed OOC and IC. If you wish to discuss politics or religion, you should generally consider it PvP for the purposes of IC discussion. You should take it to PMs if in OOC discussion, and remember Godwin's Law at all times.

• As we allow minors to play the game, explicit sexual roleplay is strictly off-limits. Fade to black and/or take that to another chat service. Please respect this rule as it exists to protect the site and the players.

• Rape is a strictly forbidden topic of discussion or play.

• Children may occasionally wind up in danger during play. If you do not want to be in scenes that involves this or cannot handle playing with such topics, please let one of the staff members know early on and we will make a note of it. Children should not be a major focus of Player Run Scenes without staff approval.

• From the first days of Dominium Fuego, we've tried to distance ourselves from other chat environments in terms of Player Versus Player conflict. We prefer that characters work together, even if its beleaguered. This means that we should rarely, if ever, have a faction or plot that leads to conflict of a large scale between PCs due to a desire for secrecy, power, et cetera. Anti-heroes, or interesting concepts are good, but please remember, if your character "CAN'T EVER GET ALONG WITH" x-y-z character template, history, etc., it probably doesn't belong here. While arguments will happen, thoughts of all-out assault or similar methods, should not be considered. We err on the side of "the good guys" and our PvP policy can be found here.

"If you narrate it, we can see it!"

• As per our Terms of Use and other such documents, discussion of illegal activities Out of Character are grounds for suspension or banning from the chat. This includes file sharing, use of fireworks in illegal areas, and any crime at a city, state, or national level, inside and outside the United States. This is for your protection and ours.

  • Through Dominium Fuego's history we have had relatively few issues with our players. We have only had to ban 3 players up to now, and we sincerely hope we do not have to make that number any bigger. Please respect our policies as they are given here and/or by staff members in person.