Stunt Name Cost Skill Official Approved Created By Actions
Musical Therapist  -1  Performance No  Yes  RyanW View
My People  -1  Rapport No  Yes  Zylre View
Natural Healer  -1  Survival No  Yes  RyanW View
Networking  -1  Contacts No  Yes  RyanW View
Nimble Dodger  -1  Athletics No  Yes  RyanW View
No Pain, No Gain  -1  Physique Yes  Yes  LizP View
Not A Threat  -1  Deceit No  Yes  RyanW View
Not Faster Than My Eye Can See  -1  Athletics No  Yes  ronlugge View
Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit  -1  Rapport No  Yes  ConorM View
Nothing to See Here  -1  Deceit No  Yes  Zylre View
Notice Tell  -1  Alertness No  Yes  Gilitine_Memitim View
Occultist (Specify)  -1  Lore Yes  Yes  LizP View
Off-Hand Weapon Training  -1  Fight Yes  Yes  LizP View
On My Toes  -1  Alertness Yes  Yes  TroyR View
Outnumbered But Not Outmatched  -1  Fight No  Yes  Jarrik32 View
Paladin's Blade  -1  Conviction No  Yes  RyanW View
Paranoid? Probably.  -1  Alertness Yes  Yes  TroyR View
Penetration Expert  -1  Scholarship No  Yes  ronlugge View
Person of Conviction  -1  Conviction Yes  Yes  LizP View
Personal Magnetism  -1  Rapport Yes  Yes  LizP View

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