Stunt Name Cost Skill Official Approved Created By Actions
Reflexive Shooting  -1  Alertness No  Yes  Zylre View
Reflexive Evocation  -1  Discipline No  Yes  ZRTAssassin View
Redirected Force  -1  Fight Yes  Yes  LizP View
Ready for Battle  -1  Fight No  Yes  Apropros View
Read You Like A Book  -1  Empathy No  Yes  LaurenM View
Read the Surface  -1  Empathy Yes  Yes  LizP View
Read the Enemy  -1  Empathy No  Yes  AlienW View
Quiet as the Bayou  -1  Survival No  Yes  RyanW View
Quick Hands  -1  Athletics No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Quick Eye  -1  Investigation Yes  Yes  LizP View
Quick Draw  -1  Guns No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Properly Paranoid  -1  Alertness No  Yes  shmoo View
Precision Striker  -1  Discipline No  Yes  RyanW View
Pointed Performance  -1  Performance Yes  Yes  LizP View
Point Blank Persuasion  -1  Guns No  Yes  Zylre View
Poet  -1  Performance Yes  Yes  LizP View
Pistols Akimbo  -1  Guns No  Yes  Phantasy View
Pin Them Down  -1  Guns Yes  Yes  LizP View
Pin the Tail  -1  Investigation Yes  Yes  LizP View
Pilot  -1  Driving Yes  Yes  LizP View

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