Stunt Name Cost Skill Official Approved Created By Actions
Fae Spymaster  -1  Lore No  Yes  Bishop View
Faith Conquers Suffering  -1  Conviction No  Yes  ronlugge View
Fast Fighting  -1  Athletics No  Yes  Squeakyrat View
Fast Reload  -1  Guns Yes  Yes  LizP View
Feint  -1  Deceit No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Fiery Oratory  -1  Rapport Yes  Yes  PatchR View
Fighting Fire With Fire  -1  Intimidation No  Yes  RyanW View
Filthy Lucre  -1  Resources Yes  Yes  LizP View
Find Weakness  -1  Lore No  Yes  ZRTAssassin View
Finely Tuned Third Eye  -1  Lore Yes  Yes  LizP View
Five-Fingered Discount  -1  Burglary No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Fleet of Foot  -1  Athletics Yes  Yes  LizP View
Fletching  -1  Guns No  Yes  Taran View
Float Like a Butterfly  -1  Athletics No  Yes  RyanW View
Follow Through The Cut  -1  Fight No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Footwork  -1  Fight Yes  Yes  LizP View
Force of Personality  -1  Rapport No  Yes  LaurenM View
Forensic Eye  -1  Scholarship Yes  Yes  PatchR View
Forensic Training  -1  Scholarship No  Yes  PatchR View
Forewarned Evasion  -1  Lore No  Yes  RyanW View

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