Stunt Name Cost Skill Official Approved Created By Actions
Territorial  -1  Alertness Yes  Yes  PatchR View
The Big Picture  -1  Burglary Yes  Yes  LizP View
The Finer Things in Life  -1  Resources No  Yes  industrious View
The High Ground  -1  Athletics No  Yes  Zylre View
The Little Details  -1  Investigation No  Yes  RyanW View
The Path To Wisdom  -1  Conviction No  Yes  ronlugge View
The Scent of the Black  -1  Investigation Yes  Yes  PatchR View
The Social Graces  -1  Empathy Yes  Yes  LizP View
The Truth Is The Best Lie  -1  Rapport No  Yes  ConorM View
The Weight of Reputation  -1  Rapport Yes  Yes  LizP View
Theologian  -1  Scholarship No  Yes  South View
They Never Look Up  -1  Stealth No  Yes  RyanW View
This...Is My Boomstick!  -1  Guns No  Yes  RyanW View
Tireless  -1  Physique Yes  Yes  LizP View
Too Fast to Hit  -1  Athletics Yes  Yes  LizP View
Tough on the Enivronment  -1  Fight Yes  Yes  PatchR View
Tough Stuff  -1  Physique Yes  Yes  LizP View
Tower of Faith  -1  Conviction Yes  Yes  LizP View
Trading Favors  -1  Lore No  Yes  RyanW View
Trained Grappler  -1  Fight No  Yes  PatchR View

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