Stunt Name Cost Skill Official Approved Created By Actions
At Home in the Water  -1  Athletics Yes  Yes  PatchR View
Float Like a Butterfly  -1  Athletics No  Yes  RyanW View
A Potion For Everything  -1  Lore No  Yes  Dancing Owlbear View
Deeper Reserves  -1  Conviction No  Yes  RyanW View
Quick Hands  -1  Athletics No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Properly Paranoid  -1  Alertness No  Yes  shmoo View
Networking  -1  Contacts No  Yes  RyanW View
Shadow for Hire  -1  Stealth No  Yes  RyanW View
Precision Striker  -1  Discipline No  Yes  RyanW View
The High Ground  -1  Athletics No  Yes  Zylre View
Money Talks   -1  Resources No  Yes  MisterCheshire View
Musical Therapist  -1  Performance No  Yes  RyanW View
The Finer Things in Life  -1  Resources No  Yes  industrious View
Inspiring Personality  -1  Rapport No  Yes  RyanW View
Give As Good As I Get  -1  Fight No  Yes  ConorM View
Imposing Personality  -1  Intimidation No  Yes  RyanW View
Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit  -1  Rapport No  Yes  ConorM View
Remarkable Reserves  -1  Resources No  Yes  RyanW View
Siren Song  Performance No  Yes  ConorM View
Slippery Mind  -1  Deceit No  Yes  Zylre View

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