Stunt Name Cost Skill Official Approved Created By Actions
Reflexive Shooting  -1  Alertness No  Yes  Zylre View
Remarkable Reserves  -1  Resources No  Yes  RyanW View
Resilient Self-Image  -1  Conviction Yes  Yes  LizP View
Ridiculous Reflexes  -1  Athletics No  Yes  ZRTAssassin View
Righteous to Behold  -1  Conviction No  Yes  LaurenM View
Riposte  -1  Fight Yes  Yes  LizP View
Rule with Fear  -1  Intimidation Yes  Yes  LizP View
Rumormonger  -1  Contacts Yes  Yes  LizP View
Safecracker  -1  Burglary Yes  Yes  LizP View
Scene of the Crime  -1  Investigation Yes  Yes  LizP View
Scientist (Specify)  -1  Scholarship Yes  Yes  LizP View
Secret Agent  -1  Deceit No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know  -1  Contacts Yes  Yes  PatchR View
Security Networking  -1  Contacts No  Yes  ronlugge View
Seeds of Strife  -1  Deceit No  Yes  ChrisJ View
Sex Appeal  -1  Rapport Yes  Yes  LizP View
Shadow for Hire  -1  Stealth No  Yes  RyanW View
Shake the Tail  -1  Driving Yes  Yes  LizP View
Siren Song  Performance No  Yes  ConorM View
Skilled Interviewer  -1  Rapport No  Yes  Zylre View

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