Player Run Scene Rules

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Player Run Scene Rules

Post by LaurenM » Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:12 pm

We'd like to make it as easy as possible for players to run scenes for one another. With that in mind, all players are considered pre-approved to run scenes as long as they stick to the following guidelines.

-No existing (GM-run) NPCs to be used in the scene except for casual purposes like buying a beer from The Living Dead Girl at the Subway Station Accorded Neutral Ground.

-No involving PCs without player consent. If a player doesn't want to play in your scene, you can't use the compel mechanics or hook their backstory into the scene to try and force them to play.

-No killing of PCs without player consent.

-No killing of major NPCs from any of the political factions in the game. Basically, don't do anything in your scene that's likely to cause one of our political factions to go to war. It's okay to have the PCs mow down a couple Red Court gangbangers, for instance, but killing a gang leader or a Grand Duke's favorite nephew is off the table.

-Finally, player-run scenes shouldn't be game-changing. That's the province of GM scenes. So player-run scenes shouldn't blow up any landmarks or do anything to disrupt the overall setting.

Generally speaking, player run scenes should be more personal in scale than GM scenes.

An example of a player-run scene would be

Frank Budd the Changeling has a Fae father he's keen to meet. The player has already written up the father and is looking to do a scene where he gets to roleplay meeting him for the first time. He would also like to use the meeting as justification for his Significant Milestone at the end of the month. He will likely spend the skill point on a new level one skill he anticipates learning from his father: Survival.

Another player likes the sound of this and agrees to run the scene. They can use their own pc as an npc in the scene or not as they choose.

They run the scene, Frank and his father meet in the Nevernever and even come to blows. His father is impressed with his courage but says he's not much use out of the city and they spend the day walking through a dense jungle, facing some NeverNever threats together and resolving to meet again someday.

As long as you stick to the guidelines above, you don't need to talk to the GMs or ask for approval to run a scene - just run it! After you're done, leave a brief write up of the scene in your character thread so that we know what happened.

If you want to run a scene that isn't within the guidelines above, you can still ask for approval from the GM staff. We may be willing to grant approval for scenes that use GM-run NPCs or make changes to the overall setting on a case by case basis.
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Re: Player Run Scene Rules

Post by ChrisJ » Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:12 am

Please use the following template when writing up a scene report for PRSs:

Code: Select all


[b]Room Name: [/b]

[b]PC’s in the scene:[/b]

[b]NPCs Used: [/b]

[b]Aspects on the Scene: [/b]

[b]Major Focus for the Scene: [/b]

[b]Synopsis of the Scene: [/b]

[b]What changed because of the scene: [/b]

[b]Additional details to add:[/b]

[b]Things I learned:[/b]

[b]Scene Transcript:[/b][hidden]Paste scene transcript here[/hidden]
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