Alistair Springfield

Alistair was born of the American soldier James Springfield and of the Welsh practicioner, Mary Davis. Together they ran a security consultation organization, that handled both normal and not-so normal cases. As he was raised, he was trained by his parents, for they knew the true dangers of the world. From his father he learned how to fight and from his mother he learned her magic specialty, warding. When it became clear he had the potential of a wizard, his parents did the only thing they could, called an old friend. Warden Zhilin became the boy's teacher, formally inducting as an apprentice in the White Council. However fate would not be kind. Warden Zhilin was in Archangel during the Red Court attack, and as one of it's most formidable members he did not back down. He died along his fellow wizards. Soon after, Alistair was apprenticed to whichever teachers were available. Some he grew fond of. Some he disliked immensely. And others never came back.

After the war ended, who would continue Alistair's training became a problem. Since any who were available were essencial to the recovery efforts, he was placed on standby. Soon after, his father came to him with a request. One of his friend from when they were soldiers called him for help about his mising daughter. Alistair followed the trail to New Orleans, he found the girl about to be sacrificed by a warlock. After a long and arduos battle, the young wizard emerged victorious, but their would be no joy that day. The girl he was sent to protect, had fallen in some sort of spiritual coma. Unable to do much more, Alistair took it upon himself to stay in New Orleans, seeing the state the city was, and vowed to prevent any other innocent from falling to the same fate as the little girl he could not protect.