Grom, Dog-Were, Mortal's Best Friend

Grom is the faithful companion of Matt Whitlam and resident helpful pupper around town. Being a Dog-Were (an incredibly scientific term if ever there was one...), Grom's normal form is that of a much bigger Jack Russel Terrier as shown above. However, Grom can shift from his normal form into that of a normal looking human, as shown below:


And whether it's helping Matt find the next big story, helping get the local homeless some much needed shelter or food for the night, or even just letting some kids pet him for a bit (with permission from their parents of course), Grom is a reliable friend to all friendos and protector of the new life he's found with the Mortals of New Orleans.



-Dog-Were, Mortal's Best Friend

-Do Something Grom!

-Job Well Done Lad!

-More Than a Little Paranoid

-The News' Ear to the Ground