Noir Reisling, or Miss Reisling as she's known by her students, is an elementary school teacher who moved to New Orleans several years ago. She has a very sunny personality, despite her name, and seems to love her kids more then anything else, always having time for them in and outside of class, as well as caring for kids in town in general. Not only does she offer to help them or give little lessons in her spare time, but she tries to set a good example for them and encourage those around her to do the same. Other interests of hers include pets (she will shamelessly admit to having so many fish she ran out of names for them), and while not much of a drinker herself, she does have some knowledge of culinary arts and drinks since her sister apparently runs a bar back home. She has a great sense of humor, occassionally even cracking jokes at things people wouldn't consider just for the sake of breaking a tense mood. She also has a lot of knowledge from older school subjects such as foreign countries, languages, and a couple other academic fields, since she admits that she wasn't sure what kind of teacher she wanted to be during her college years.