Name Template Player Actions
Yuuhi Umezawa  Emissary of Power LOLFAILWTFBBQ View
Yanamari Barthe-Michabo  Scion karasoth View
Wyclef Jackson  Pure Human Chamber36 View
William Fellman  Pure Human Malexus View
Theodore -Nero- Raith  Knight of a Faerie Court ScionU View
Sarah Ashlin  Minor Talent nitrosm2 View
Ria Martinez-Canul  Scion Desse View
Olivia Jordan  Scion LydaLynn View
Morgan Faye  Scion Mercury View
Matthew Whitlam  Pure Human ThreeInquisitors View
Marco Rossi  Scion o0Jester92 View
Mallory Rockwell  Focused Practitioner caggles View
Laurence Duchamp  Wizard 4thWorlder View
Jonathan Saturday  Scion ZDracolis View
Jack Crawley  Focused Practitioner Bamdee View
Idalia Savoye  Emissary of Power AlienWhite View
Henry Drake  Wizard Obscuro View
Grom  Were-Form rmm90806 View
Fuyu Kiri  Emissary of Power MrJubs View
Elena Bennet  Emissary of Power megphail View

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