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Game Configuration

Power Levels

• We use a "rolling" power level system. New PC power levels depend on when you submitted your first PC. This means that all your PCs, regardless of when they're created, should have their starting power levels determined based on when you submitted your first PC for the game. Please follow the chart below:

MonthRefreshSkill Points
May 20161656
June 20161655
July 20161554
August 20161554
September 20161554
October 20161554
November 20161554
December 20161554
January 20171553
February 20171552
March 20171551
April 20171551
May 20171551
June 20171551
July 20171551

• If you are submitting your first PC for the game please use the last entry in the above table.

• If you are submitting your first PC for the game in the beginning of a month, as a staff member whether you can build them with the last month's milestone added or not.


• The Phase 4 & 5 Guest Star aspects are not required for sanctioning. You may choose to leave these aspects blank for now and fill them in during play.


• Minor Milestones and Refreshes occur every two weeks, on Saturdays.

• Significant Milestones occur on the last day of every month.

• Major Milestones occur on the last day of the month after an equinox/solstice.

• The milestones for the last six months of the game are modified slightly. Here is the calendar for the remainder of 2017:

  • February: Significant
  • March: Significant + Major
  • April: Significant
  • May: Significant
  • June: Significant + Major
  • July: Significant + Major
  • August: Significant + Major
  • September: Significant + Major

Skill Consolidations/Modifications

• The current skill cap is Fantastic (+6)

  • Rapport + Presence = Rapport
  • Endurance + Might = Physique
  • Fists + Weapons = Fight
  • Alertness + Investigation = Awareness

• The consolidated skills have all the trappings of both skills that were merged into them. For example, PHYSIQUE is used for Breaking Things, Lifting Things, determining your capacity for physical stress, and all other trappings of Might and Endurance both.

• Craftsmanship, Performance, and Scholarship skills each come with a number of "fields of study" equal to your level of skill. So someone with Fair (+2) Craftsmanship might be particularly skilled with woodworking and sewing, or someone with Good (+3) Scholarship may have a deeper education in Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical engineering than other subjects. For Scholarship, these fields of study are considered in addition to the languages you speak. These fields of study do not limit all knowledge to these fields, but rather they represent areas you have particular training in. If you haven't selected Mechanical Engineering as one of these fields, don't expect to know how to design an engine from scratch.

Weapons and Armor

• Mundane Armor for PCs is capped at Armor: 2 for now, except in very special circumstances. The availability of Armor: 3 may change as the game progresses.

• Mundane Weapons for PCs are capped at Weapon: 3, except in very special circumstances. The availability of Weapon:4+ weapons may change as the game progresses. Two exceptions to this are grenades, which typically are zone-wide attacks valued at Weapon: 4, or using a car as a weapon (typically Weapon: 4).