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Dominium Fuego

Dominium Fuego is a persistent chat game of the Dresden Files RPG, set in a Dresdenless Dresdenverse. The game is always on. You can log into the chat at any time, on any day, and interact with any of the other player characters who are online at the time. You can even run small scenes as a player, acting as a kind of temporary GM to create stories with any players who want to participate (Player Run Scenes, or PRSs). There are also official GMs/STs who frequently run scheduled scenes, including major story arcs that can have a big impact on the setting.

Here at Dominium Fuego we try to be as open with character concepts as we can, within the scope of the tone we're trying to set with the given game. We maintain an open, friendly community and do our best to follow Godwin's Law at all times.

We're excited to have you join us!

A Note on Canon

At Babylon, D.C., we're not using the continuity in the novels. There is no Harry Dresden, the White Council never went to war with the Red Court, and the Paranet was founded by some enterprising practitioners who prefer to remain anonymous. Aside from mythological figures (such as Queen Mab), it's safe to assume that none of the characters in the novels exist in this universe.

How to Login

Sign up for an account on the Forum, then click here: OOC Login

To create, edit, or log in a character, visit the Characters page.