Template Name Description Is Official Is Approved Created By Actions
Champion of God  Mortals Called to active service of their Deity of worship. Must: High Concept is Champion of God, Conviction Good or higher Options: An Item of Power   Yes  Yes  LizP View
Changeling  Half mortals half faerie people. Musts: High Concept that indicates Faerie Heritage Options: Please discuss options with a GM.  Yes  Yes  LizP View
Emissary of Power  Mortals who have been snagged by a big power to represent them. Must: High Concept related to being an emissary of power, and take the Marked By Power -1 ability.   Yes  Yes  LizP View
Focused Practitioner  Focused practitioners are the minor-league of the spell-slinging set. Musts: Must have a high concept that names or implies spell casting abilities and focus. Must take either Channeling -2 or Ritual -2 The appropriate focus must be defined at the time of ability taken. Options: Sight -1 Important Skills: Conviction, Discipline, Lore   Yes  Yes  LizP View
Knight of a Faerie Court  Mortals granted powers and obligations by a court of Faerie. Must: High Concept Title and Mantle, Supernatural powers "Marked by Power" -1 and either "Seelie Magic" or "Unseelie Magic" -4. Options: You should discuss options with a GM Important Skills: Conviction, Discipline  Yes  Yes  LizP View
Lycanthrope  Mortals whose mind embraces traits of a beast. Must: High Concept referencing nature, Supernatural powers "Pack Instincts" -1, Echoes of the Beast (-1) Human form (involuntary Change) +2, Inhuman Strength -2, & Inhuman Recovery -2. Important Skills: Alertness, Endurance, Investigation, Might, Survival  Yes  Yes  LizP View
Minor Talent  Mortals who have small/limited powers. Musts: A minor talent must have a high concept that mentions the talent in some capacity The character may then take a single, one refresh cost (or with approval 2 refresh cost) ability from the Supernatural Powers. Specifically the Minor Ability and Psychic Ability categories should be considered, other options are up to GM discretion. Refresh Cost: -1   Yes  Yes  LizP View
Pure Human  A completely vanilla mortal. Pure Mortals may not take any supernatural powers. They receive a +2 bonus to their starting refresh. If this character takes a supernatural power, this refresh bonus goes away immediately.   Yes  Yes  JeffV View
Red Court Infected  Humans who have been infected by a Red Court Vampire. Musts: High concept indicating infection. Please Check Red Court Infected for a full list of supernatural powers, options, and other important information players should be aware of when taking this template. Important Skills: Fists, Deceit, Discipline.   Yes  Yes  LizP View
Scion  Half human children of powerful supernatural beings. Musts: High Concept that reflects parentage in some way. Options: Please discuss options with a GM.  Yes  Yes  LizP View
Sorcerer  A human with spell casting ability that may not be heridatry, as powerful, or have the proper training as a Member of the White Council. Must: High Concept declaring nature as a Sorcerer. The following Super Natural Powers Evocation -3 & Thaumaturgy -3. Options: Sight -1, Refinement -1 per focus, Dark Sorcerer's may take Lawbreaker stunt Important Skills: conviction, Discipline, and Lore.   Yes  Yes  LizP View
True Believer  Mortal whose beliefs are so strong that get supernatural powers. Must: High concept related to being a true believer. Must take both supernatural powers "Bless This House" -1 and "Guide My Hand" -1 Options: May take "Righteousness" -2 and or a custom "Item of Power" -varies, IoP needs GM approval. Important Skills: Conviction  Yes  Yes  LizP View
Were-Form  Humans that can change forms to a beast being imbued with supernatural powers/boosts related to the beast. Musts: Were-form High Concept (animal must be specified at character creation). Please review the Were-form template in You Story Rule Book for details of all required and optional Were-form requirements.  Yes  Yes  LizP View
White Court Vampire  Vampire that feeds on emotions. Musts: High Concept indication heritage. Please review White Court Vampire template in Your Story Rule book for complete list of requirements and suggested options.  Yes  Yes  LizP View
White Court Virgin  Humans with a White Court Vampire parent. Musts: High concept reflecting their heritage. "Emotional Vampire" -1, Incite Emotion (Touch Only) -1. Important Skills: deceit & Intimidation.  Yes  Yes  LizP View
Wizard  A Human who is either a Wizard of the White Council or an Apprentice of a Member of the White Council. Musts: High Concept declaring the wizards nature. The following Supernatural Powers "Evocation" -3, Thaumaturgy -3, The Sight -1, Soulgaze -0, Wizard's Constitution -0. Options: Refinement Ability Important Skills: Conviction, Discipline, Endurance, Lore.   Yes  Yes  JeffV View

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