Anna Owl

Most people know her as 'Owl.'

Anna stands at a fairly average five foot five inches, though her waifish figure gives her a somehow even smaller and less intimidating silhouette.  Catching her directly in the eye might tell a different story, however, deep dark brown pools that catch conflicting light and sparkle easily with mischief and wicked interest.  Paired with a smarmy smile, her size alone usually doesn't do much to disarm.

Her hair ranged from dark to mousy brown, usually tangled and thick, uncared for beyond basic hygiene and usually pulled up into a loose pony tail just to keep it out of her face.  She usually doesn't wear much in the way of make up, barring special occasions.  Curiously, however, she seems to decorate herself with a wide variety of rings, bracelets, earrings and jewelry.  Around her neck always rests a several times folded over set of thick black beads made heavier by a variety of conflicting religious and occult symbols hanging off of it.

Her hoodie is sleeveless and in tatters as it moves past her midriff.  It's thin, certainly more decorative than it is functional.  Her clothing is simple, usually a tank top and loose fitting jeans.  She's almost always got a bag over her shoulder, and sports a pair of dark high top chucks decorated with a myriad of thick paint marker applied symbols.  Despite the shoes themselves appearing worn, the symbols always look fresh.

Fun Disclaimer: Once approved, Owl will be considered always up to take consequences for her actions, including possible death and/or other permanent disfigurements.  I ask only that you don't randomly attack her without some kind of reason.  I'm not against danger, just boring danger.